Bottle of Jackpot wine on gray slate counter with poker chips and cards on the counter

Jackpot is not sold in distribution, restaurants, or retail stores. This unique sparkling wine produces a limited batch each year. From your very first purchase you are registered as a VIP which is our special way of sharing the chance to taste the small batch production and special promotions with our private members only. The harmonious aromatic balance of sweet citrus and rich creamy texture makes Jackpot the perfect complement to any special event you’re hosting year-round - day or night. Elevate the next special occasion you’re attending or hosting with Jackpot Sparkling Wine, perfect for:

- Milestone Birthdays
- Baby Showers
- Brunch Celebrations
- New Year’s Eve
- Holidays
- Weddings
- And so much more!

Additionally, Jackpot Sparkling Wine is made using the Traditional Method or “méthode traditionelle” which means that our sparkling wine was bottle fermented. To produce the refreshing bubbly texture, the wine went through its second fermentation in the final bottle.

Fun Fact: the highest quality California sparkling wines are created using this method.