The Story of Jackpot Sparkling Wine

Our focus is on handcrafting a rich, full-bodied sparkling wine in limited barrel quantities, primarily sourced from the rocky, volcanic hillside vineyards of Napa Valley. This rose–gold colored wine is filled with flavors of wild strawberry, rose petals, and fresh-cut stone fruit. The palate will be hit with refreshing notes of green apple and apricot citrus balanced by a creamy, acidic finish.


Working with a diverse set of regionally distinct vineyards has offered the brand the unique opportunity to create a sparkling wine with such great depth and layers, as each one of these vineyards adds a unique characteristic to the final Jackpot blend. We believe that the best boutique wines open the door to an exclusive lifestyle filled with exhilarating experiences, which include hitting the jackpot.


To toast to the good life and join the private club everyone is talking about.